Grant application form
Institutional Support Grants for Human Rights Defenders in Turkey

If you want to apply for a protection grant, please refer to Front Line Defenders’ website here.

You can submit your application by filling out this secure web form. If you prefer to download an application form and budget proposal template seperately to fill in, you can send them as an e-mail to The online application form and budget proposal template can be downloaded here.

1. Contact details

The applicant is:

1a. Contact details of the applicant:

1b. Contact details of the organisation / initiative:

2. About the Applicant (max 1 page)

Please write a short description about your organisation/group/initiative, its priorities, working areas and expertise, its structure and governance including the gender balance among your staff.

3. Project Proposal

3a. Project Description

Please provide a short summary of the project (max 200 words)

Please write a description of the project including your target group (max 1 page)

Please explain the aims and objectives of the project proposed (max 500 words)

Please explain your methodology to realize the project (max 500 words)

Please indicate the expected results and impact of this project (max 400 words)

Please explain how you are planning to assess the project after it ends (max 200 words)

3b. List of Activities

Please answer questions below to explain what activities you are planning to realize within your project and how it will contribute to your work and the wider human rights defenders community.
There are two types of grants defined as eligible under the project: (1) core funding and (2) funding for activities/projects.
Please note that it is possible to apply for funding under both categories in the same application, or at different moments, as long as the total amount you apply for does not exceed 60,000€ (minimum amount is 5000€). Applicants does not have to choose one type of grant for one application.
Before filling in the table below, indicate the overall duration of support you need and explain the overall timeline of the project and for planned activities. (max 300 words)
Then, please use the table below to list planned activities with detailed explanations.

(please write down activities in planned chronological order)
Short description Objectives Expected results (may include impact too) Target group Stakeholders/co-hosts/cooperation partners in The planned duration Additional information/ comments

3c. Overview of Budget Proposal

Please fill in the boxes below to present a short summary of your budget proposal.
This will give us a broad idea of your budget proposal. After the first screening of your application, the Secretariat will contact you to ask for a more detailed budget proposal to reflect on the details of your project proposal.

Type of support
(Please indicate which one you are applying for in each line: core funding or funding for activities/projects.)
Type of cost
(Please specify which category of costs: salaries, office costs, services, conference, transportation, perdiem etc.)
(A short description. For example: project officer salary, or rental of a room for a training or office rent etc.)
(Total estimated amount.)

4. Security, Risks Assessment and Sustainability:

Do you foresee any risks (external and internal) and difficulties that may be faced during the implementation of the project? Please describe them.

What measures can you implement to mitigate these risks and ensure protection and safety for yourself/staff?

What would be the best and most secured way for you to communicate with the Secretariat regarding your grant request? Please note that it is possible to communicate with the Secretariat via encrypted email (gpg) or encrypted chat (Jitsi).

5. Other Grant Sources

Did you make similar applications to other possible donors?

What is your organisation’s average annual budget?

6. References

Please provide a short summary of the project (max 200 words)

Reference 1 :

Reference 2 :

7. How did you hear about our grant programme?

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