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Because of their work, Human Rights Defenders are often subject to persecution and harassment, punishment, arbitrary arrest or detention, especially in countries lacking an effective rule of law

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January 8

SAVE THE DATE. CONFERENCE AT THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT: Women human rights defenders, at the forefront of environmental preservation

Women human rights defenders (WHRDs) safeguarding environmental rights are a fundamental pillar in the protection of their communities and in the protection of the environment and natural resources for future generations. However, they are confronted with an unprecedented scale of persecution and repression. It is time to strengthen the visibility on the situation and challenges faced by WHRDs and to act to offer better protection and create a more favorable environment for their work in the years to come., the EU Human Rights Defenders mechanism implemented by international civil society, is pleased to invite you to the conference "Women human rights defenders, at the forefront of environmental preservation", co-hosted by the vice-chair of DROI Subcommittee Ms Hannah NEUMANN and the member of FEMM and ENVI Ms. Soraya RODRÍGUEZ RAMOS. This conference will feature the testimonies of two renowned environmental WHRD from the Philippines and Colombia, a representative of the’s Consortium and high-level speakers from the European Commission.

Interpretation Spanish/ English will be provided.

Please, confirm your participation by 15 January. If you need an accreditation to access the European Parliament in Brussels, kindly provide your ID information as soon as possible.

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International Women Human Rights Defenders Day

Every year, supports more than 5,000 women human rights defenders in the most vulnerable countries, through direct and gender-sensitive protection grants, funding to local women rights' organisations, comprehensive relocation programmes, training and capacity-building, accompaniment in the field, advocacy and specific outreach programs.

Women human rights defenders (WHRDs) are key actors for sustainable development, social justice, peacebuilding in post-conflict areas, and the rule of law in the most vulnerable and fragile communities. However, WHRDs are particularly targeted, and their resilience very often confronted with specific threats that demand gender-focused tools and strategies for ensuring their safety. In this context, the development of protection mechanisms, capacity-building programmes and tailored advocacy initiatives that address WHRDs' particularities is an increasing demand to the international civil society and donors' community.


From the outset, has committed to provide gender-sensitive assistance and WHRDs are a high priority target for the EU HRD mechanism. Today, WHRD represent 48% of the overall number of beneficiaries, and these figures are consistently increasing in time.

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Providing support to local human rights organisations in the implementation of their activities

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International civil society implementing the EU Human Rights Defenders mechanism.

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Together with human rights defenders worldwide


Reaching out Human Rights Defenders working in remote areas and countries where it is particularly dangerous to work

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Who are human rights defenders ?

People who, individually or collectively, work peacefully on behalf of others to promote and defend internationally recognised human rights.

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