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Because of their work, Human Rights Defenders are often subject to persecution and harassment, punishment, arbitrary arrest or detention, especially in countries lacking an effective rule of law

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News & Tweets from human rights defenders

May 12

#StaywithDefenders | PI's Global Campaign on the Right to Defend Human Rights in times of COVID19

COVID-19 is a challenge for all across the world. This is also true for women and men human rights defenders (W/HRDs), who are now even more at risk for standing for the Right to Defend Human Rights (RDHR).

"#StayWithDefenders in times of COVID-19" is latest PI's Global Campaign on the Right to Defend Human Rights in these difficult times. With this campaign, Protection International wants to call for international solidarity and recognition to both women and men human rights defenders (W/HRDs), be they individuals or collectives, under such times of crisis and uncertainty.

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Manuals, tips, and resources for human rights defenders in times of COVID-19

In these times of restrictions and difficulties in the work of defence of human rights imposed by the containment measures of COVID-19 pandemic, we share a list of practical resources and materials for protection and advocacy work that may be useful for human rights defenders and local organizations. This list is not exhaustive and will be updated regularly with external contributions.

- Front Line Defenders' Physical, emotional and digital protection for HRDs doing home office

- ILGA-World's Covid-19: Remote work and wellbeing resources for LGBTI communities

- OMCT's guidance brief on building a response on COVID-19 and detention and guide for the SOS-Torture network and human rights defenders on investigating and documenting torture remotelront

- Front Line Defenders' guide on Secure Group Chat and Conferencing Tools.

- WHO's tips on how to deal with Confinement, to stay protected from COVID-19 and where to find trustworthy sources regarding COVID-19

- Manuals and resources for self-care and wellbeing of WHRDs are being compiled and produced by Fondo de Mujeres Calala


- Front Line Defenders' analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the safety and work of human rights defenders

- FIDH's campaign #ForFreedom, calling for the release of all jailed human rights defenders, call to states to ensure that governments' initiatives attempting to slow the spread of the virus are proportionate and justified and that prioritise human rights and protect the most vulnerable, and report tracking corporate due diligence in times of COVID-19

- OMCT #FacesOfHope campaign, calling for the release of detained human rights defenders in the context of COVID-19 crisis. The campaign is promoting profiles of detained HRDs in the Philippines, Egypt, Guatemala, India, Turkey, Cameroon, and Peru.

- OMCT's call for effective measures to protect public health and safety, including for those most vulnerable. and call for creative solutions to keep up human rights work in times of pandemic. 

- Protection International's letter of recommendations to Governments in times of COVID19.

- European Commission's Global EU response to  COVID-19

- Amnesty International's call on States to protect human rights defenders in the current crisis and compilation of Amnesty's documents and actions developed in the context of COVID-19

- ISHR's compilation of UN’s current response to COVID-19 and the challenges it poses to human rights, and ISHR-coordinated joint statements delivered at the High Commissioner’s briefing to the Human Rights Council, involving a call upon States, a call for the protection of economic, social, and cultural rights, and a call upon the UN


- RSF's 2020 World Press Freedom Index “Entering a decisive decade for journalism, exacerbated by coronavirus”

- Access Now's report "Fighting misinformation and defending free expression during COVID-19: recommendations for states" 

- Artists At Risk Connection's Amani: Africa Creative Defence Network, established to help provide rapid responses to artists at risk in Africa

- The Artists At Risk's AR Covid-19 Emergency Fund to support artists who face threats to their freedom or lives and are unable to reach a country of safety during the coronavirus pandemic

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Providing support to local human rights organisations in the implementation of their activities

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International civil society implementing the EU Human Rights Defenders mechanism.

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Together with human rights defenders worldwide


Reaching out Human Rights Defenders working in remote areas and countries where it is particularly dangerous to work

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Who are human rights defenders ?

People who, individually or collectively, work peacefully on behalf of others to promote and defend internationally recognised human rights.

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