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#PrideMonth: ILGA World report ‘Curbing deception’, a global research into pseudo-scientific and harmful ‘conversion’ practices

‘Conversion therapy’ is a term describing pseudo-scientific and harmful practices used to attempt altering a person’s gender expression, gender identity or sexual orientation. These gruesome ‘techniques’ are still applied in numerous countries, pushing people of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions to living self-loathing lives, up to the extreme consequences of committing suicide.

In 2020, ILGA World has released a ground-breaking report on the issue: Curbing Deception is an extensive global research into laws banning these harmful practices both at the national and subnational level,  which also analyses strategies beyond legal reform to restrict them.

Protection from similar ineffective and cruel treatment is as urgent as ever: thanks to the tireless advocacy of activists, survivors and grassroots organisations – States, health professionals and international human rights bodies across the world are speaking up. Download the report in English and in Spanish.