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Protecting an LGBTI organization in Ukraine

Insight Group

Through our grant-making for organisations, our partner Urgent Action Fund has provided assistance to the Ukrainian LGBTI organisation Insight. The group works to advance the rights of the queer community through advocacy, awareness-raising and organizing. Due to a homophobic environment in Ukraine, they have constantly been dealing with online bullying and threats. To prevent any physical attacks, the office’s address was held in secrete.

Unfortunately, the situation went out of control in early January 2021, when Insight’s office address was exposed on a website associated with radical groups. In order to prevent physical threats and attacks, the group applied for a small grant to cover temporary part-time guards for the safety and security needs of the staff. . Since the group members were working on organizing a Women’s March it was crucial for the staff to work in a safe environment. Thanks to provided support the group hired temporary guards for one month. The group reported that having bodyguards at the office allowed everyone to calm nerves and fully concentrate on their activities. The group also reported that they have assessed the long-term security needs of the office and they are planning to upgrade the office’s security infrastructure in the nearest future.

Insight is a Ukrainian public organization committed to equal rights, freedom, inclusiveness, and diversity for all social groups. It is engaged in human rights and educational activities and provides assistance and support to LGBTQI-people. The organization brings together lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people who share our mission and views and strive for a genuine, democratic and tolerant society. Since 2007, Insight works in Kyiv, and since 2015, they have opened regional offices.