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Material assistance to a Honduran Human Rights Defender

In July 2017, OMCT allocated a grant to Honduran human rights defender David Valle, to allow him to receive medical and psychological treatment after suffering an attempted killing on July 10, 2017, as reprisals to his LGBTI rights activities in Honduras, where LGBTI rights defenders are facing a climate of extreme violence. 


The grant enabled David Valle to receive an adequate, specialized and emergency treatment to safeguard his psychological and physical integrity, as well as to keep on continuing its human rights activities as the Project Coordinator of Centro para la Cooperación y Desarollo LGBTI SOMOS CDC (Centre for LGBTI Cooperation and Development), a civil society organisation based in Honduras which aims at improving the quality of life of the LGBTI population, by developing programs that support their access to education, employment, health services, human rights and security.