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One year anniversary of the HRD World Summit and The Action Plan – Spread the message!

On the occasion of the Human Rights Defenders World Summit 2018’s first anniversary, and the Summit's convening group are publishing a summary of the Summit and relaunching the Action Plan, a key document that was adopted by hundreds of HRDs and organizations attending the Paris Summit, with a series of recommendations that need to be put into practice urgently.

As human rights defenders continue to be discriminated, intimidated, harassed, criminalized and killed on an alarming scale and those suffering intersecting forms of discrimination are at an even higher risk, action to tackle this scourge needs to be taken urgently. This Action Plan is a powerful tool to address those with power: States, businesses, financial institutions, donors and intergovernmental organizations. Since the action plan was adopted, this document has already been presented to the United Nations General Assembly and has been regularly referred to in advocacy work at the national level and in our work as international civil society organizations.

This document constitute a key tool to be used in our everyday activism and ensure that the right to defend human rights is upheld. 

You can consult and download this material, available at the moment in English, French, and Spanish.

You can also relive the highlights of the HRD World Summit