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Pastor Evan Mawarire, a human rights defender from Zimbabwe supported by, arrested upon his return to the country partners denounce jointly the arrest and charging of Pastor Evan Mawarire, a human rights defender from Zimbabwe, upon his return to this country on February 1, 2017.

After a period of relocation because of the harassment he was facing from Zimbabwean authorities, Pastor Evan Mawarire has been supported by the EU Human Rights Defenders mechanism,, to return to his country and resume his peaceful human rights work. ask your support and thank you in advance to help us mobilise EU members states in order to:

  • Conduct a diplomatic demarche to urge the Zimbabwean authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Pastor Evan Mewarire;

publicly condemn the ongoing harassment against Pastor Evan Mewarire;

  • Request to visit Pastor Evan Mewarire in prison as long as he remains in detention;


  • Send trial observers for the hearings.


The first hearing will take place today (Feb. 7) at the High Court in Harare at 9 am.

More information on the situation is available here:

Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders Press Release (FIDH, OMCT)

FLD Urgent Appeal

Information can also be obtained from Otto Saki (ICJ, based in Harare) +263776401115