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Seven-day seminar on digital security for 7 Libyan journalists

As part of its support for media and journalists, Reporters Without Borders (RSF), with the support of, conducted a seven-day seminar on digital security for 7 Libyan journalists and activists with the aim of training them to be able to train others on digital security in Libya.

The seminar was held in two stages, seven weeks apart. The chosen approach was Training of trainers, in order to train them as well to later train their fellow peers in digital security, hence improving the impact of this training. 

The first stage, that lasted 3 days and was organised in March, had two components: awareness raising and then a technical introduction to various digital security tools and strategies. In the second stage, a 4 day session hold in May, the participants were trained in the various techniques for training others in digital security, so that they would be able to use appropriate methods to pass on their technical knowledge.

As well as showing the participants how to hold their own digital security seminars, the second stage also developed and consolidated the links between the different modules and showed them how to develop complete digital security strategies.

The participants formed a very good group according to the trainer, one that should be encouraged to dedicate more time and effort to the field of digital security. Some of the candidates expressed a desire and determination to organize digital security training in their work or civil society environment. The trainer will follow-up on these future trainers by providing them with the necessary teaching tools, aids, technical assistance with improving when necessary and/or coordinate with the best students to invite them to participate as assistant trainers in the next digital security seminars.