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43 active temporary relocation programmes

Since the launch of the Temporary Relocation Programme last February 2016, has approved and secured funding for 43 human rights defenders at risk -and their families' members when needed- to temporary relocate them away from danger. Thanks to this programme, more than 90 individuals at risk are now receiving shelter, support and permanent accompaniment .

Relocated defenders and their families -whose identities are preserved during the whole relocation process for security reasons-, faced risks, attacks or constant threats because of their work in defence of human rights, ranging from women's rights, civil rights or freedom of information and journalism to environmental rights and even artist and writers.

Defenders and their families, coming from countries as Thailand, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Libya, Morocco, Egypt, Yemen or Burundi benefit from funding and support granted by and the collaboration and accompaniment provided by host organisations throughout the world. All those defenders at risk supported through this programme are safe now, currently or about to be relocated within host structures in The Netherlands, Nepal, Kenya, Guatemala, India, Spain, France, Ireland, Jordan or Uganda., along with host organisations and the defenders concerned, designs comprehensive and individualised relocation programmes on a case-by- case basis, covering not only the basic needs of the defender but providing empowering tools for them to continue their work or strengthen their capacities. This is done through the assessment of the specific needs of the defenders, as the relocation programme can cover rehabilitation and medical assistance, education, training or capacity-building, as well as initiatives aimed at connecting defenders into networks or enhancing their international visibility., through its Secretariat, allocates grants for Human Rights Defenders at risk to temporary relocate within their country or abroad, in case of urgent threat and when preventive and protection measures for personal security are not enough. also coordinates the EU Human Rights Defenders Relocation Platform (EUTRP), a global platform of national, regional and international organisations involved in programmes for the temporary relocation of Human Rights Defenders.