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570+ #defenders received support from @ProtectHRD_EU and partners last month.

Among them is a Colombian #WHRD under threat, who is participating in a rest and respite programme ... in the Netherlands with the support of our temporary relocation programme

On #IDEVAW2021, we want to express our commitment to #defenders working to eliminate violence against women such as the grassroots women's rights org. in #Israel, that managed the ... increased need for assistance for women victims of GBV during lockdowns


Our winner from Asia Pacific, is Mother Nature Cambodia @CambodiaMother, an environmental rights movement that advocates and campaigns locally and internationally for ... the preservation, promotion and protection of Cambodia's natural environment.

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Resources for human rights defenders

In this section you will find a compilation of useful resources for defenders, such as manuals, guides, toolkits, and public material produced by our extended network of partners and allied organisations defending HRDs.

It includes advocacy material, resources on European Union and international mechanisms, defending human rights, protection and security for HRDs – including a specific section on digital security – as well as specific resources for LGBTI+ defenders and women human rights defenders.

If you are an organisation or ally and want to contribute to this catalog of resources, you can contact us here.

Alternative funding for human rights defenders

Due to our specific mandate, cannot support all human rights defenders in need. However, in this section you will find information about other funding organisations and partners that can provide support to human rights defenders at risk.

For financial support specifically on the topic of digital security please, see the dedicated section below.

Digital security for human rights defenders

The increased use of digital spaces by human rights defenders raises not only new opportunities for a more effective and impactful human rights defence work, but also an array of issues and risks. has been adapting its programmes to allow defenders facing digital risks to find support for digital security.

How does support Human Rights Defenders and local organisations facing digital risks?

Emergency Protection Grants

Defenders facing risks can apply for emergency and protection grants to cover digital security measures that includes, covering the cost of information technology (IT) equipment and other digital protection material, as well as following trainings on the matter of digital security.

During the year 2020, 30+ emergency grants were allocated for this purpose. A Ugandan journalist at risk was able to enhance his protection, including in digital security, thanks to an emergency grant for comprehensive support. Read about this story here.

Grant-making for organisations

Through this programme, supports the consolidation of operational capacities of local human rights organisations, the expansion and capacity-building of these organisations. This means that local NGOs can access digital security measures, to respond to their IT and digital security needs.

In 2020, 15% of the grants to organisation aimed at reinforcing the security of these organisations, including digital security. Thanks to these grants, partners, Reporters Without Borders (RSF), supported Syrian journalists from the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM) so they could access IT and digital security support, among other type of support. Read this story here.

Temporary Relocation allocates grants to human rights defenders at risk so they can temporarily relocate in their country or abroad. During the relocation period and depending on the stay plan the host organisation and the HRD have agreed on, HRDs take part in different activities. These activities should be tailored to their needs; it often includes capacity-building activities and trainings in security, both physical and digital.

Training and capacity-development

Via our partners, provides training, and long-term capacity development for Human Rights Defenders and local organisations to develop their protection skills, also in the field of digital security and protection.

Digital Security Actors Supporting Human Rights Organisations

In this section, you can find information on other actors who can provide specific financial and/or technical support to human rights defenders on the topic of digital security. If you wish to find resources, such as toolkits, guides or manuals on this topic, you may find them in the resources table.