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Accompaniment of an exiled Nicaraguan WHRD

Wendy Flores

Within the framework of’s work with grass-roots human rights defenders, Peace Brigades International is providing accompaniment and support to Wendy Flores. Nicaraguan human rights defender for throughout the past 18 years, Wendy Flores was forced into exile in December 2018 following attacks on the organisation to which she belonged at the time, the Nicaraguan Centre for Human Rights (CENIDH), in a context of repression and serious human rights violations that continues to this day.

Despite the great adversities that the experience of exile entails, including the emotional impact of having to uproot and the challenges of adapting to a new social, economic and cultural context, Wendy continues to develop her work through the Human Rights Collective “Nicaragua Nunca Más”, an organisation that she formed in Costa Rica two years ago together with other defenders in the same situation. All of them, with the permanent impetus to continue documenting serious human rights violations, contributing to the recovery of Nicaragua’s historical memory for justice, truth and guarantees of non-repetition.

We are sending a message to Nicaragua that it has not been able to destroy human rights defenders. It has been very important to organise and train ourselves as an organisation in order to be able to continue defending human rights in our country. Although we have gone into exile, we continue to accompany victims of human rights violations and to carry out this defence work, documentation and reporting to keep the international community informed about what is happening in our country