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Canadian Resettlement Scheme for
Human Rights Defenders at risk

Eligibility Screening Request Form

You can submit this application to:

You can find information regarding our eligibility and criteria in this section on our website.

It is possible to communicate with the Secretariat of via encrypted email (PGP). If you believe encrypted e-mail is necessary and do not know how to use PGP encryption, do not hesitate to contact us for our PGP key.

You may also use which is a free, safe and secure service, recommended by our Digital Security team.

If you want to send us the document encrypted, but do not have the software, please look at the following websites:

General information about Digital Security:

Information on emailing encrypted:

Please answer the following questions  

Filling all fields is mandatory upon relevance and availability of information. If a field does not apply to you, please indicate “Not Applicable”. If you do not have sufficient information to fill a certain field, please explain the reason.