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Killings of human rights defenders in Peru, and ongoing harassment and criminalisation reported in Algeria and Turkey

As reported in our May 2019 digest of alerts, In the first months of 2019, Peru has seen an increase in the number of killings of human rights defenders, and at least four HRDs have been murdered since the beginning of the year. At the time of the killings, Peru had no specific laws or policies on the protection of human rights defenders, and the work of civil society organisations was being obstructed by political actors linked to the extractive industries.

The monthly digest also denounces the pattern of ongoing retaliation against human rights defenders, journalists, student activists, trade unionists and lawyers in Algeria, which has intensified since the start of massive protests in the country. In addition, partners condemn the relentless persecution and criminalisation of human rights defenders in Turkey. The country is considered today the biggest jailer of professional journalists.

Only in April 2019, reported at least 51 new attacks and threats against human rights defenders.

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