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Read the testimony of Zerihun Mulugueta, Ethiopian journalist relocated with the support of PEN American center, Justice and Peace and


“I have been in Nairobi for 26 months…"

“I have been in Nairobi for 26 months; I changed four places in Nairobi including UNHCR safe house. My life was at risk and full of fears. I was targeted by the government security agents and I was locked for two years. I had nothing to survive. However, and its partner organizations was a lot of impact for being safe in US Florida. They provide me financial, emotional and counselling support, without the help of and its partners I wouldn’t be in US. The financial assistance helps me to pay my house rent and basic expenses. Currently, I am struggling to begin life from nothing; but thanks to the support I do all my effort to keep on my journalistic activities, I have confidence that the EU and its partners will remain defend the defenders. I express heartfelt thanks for all you did. and for all the support you’ve shown" .