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Supporting a comprehensive protection of human rights defenders and institutional dialogue in Colombia

The Colombian Comité Permanente por la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (CPDH), with the funding and support provided by FIDH and, is advocating before the Colombian and international institutions for the effective implementation of protection measures for human rights defenders and organisations in the country. 

CPDH, in partnership with the local organisation CAHUCOPAN, has received a grant from the EU Human Rights Defenders Mechanism in order to strengthen dialogue between institutions and defenders and promote the development of comprehensive and tailored protection plans within local organisations, in a context where human rights defenders are frequently  targeted by threats and attacks. Only between January and July 2016, at least 35 human rights defenders were murdered in Colombia, as reported by Somos Defensores.CPDH is one the 12 human rights organisations that have received funding from in the last three months. 

Among the other groups and organisations supported in the last trimester,  a feminist organisation working in the MENA region has received a grant to set up a campaign to address sexual violence and harassment in their community, potentially benefiting 300 women.  Thanks to the support of the Project, a youth organisation from Caucasus is working to bring attention to environmental impacts on the health of women  employees at a contaminating plant. In Burundi, an other local organisation has been supported to receive a training on how to better secure themselves and their communications, to conduct advocacy activities and to increase their capacity to raise funds for their human rights activities

In the last year, 44 grants have been allocated by the EU Mechanism to groups of defenders and organisations working on human rights topics at a local level. Local human rights organisations and groups of defenders can apply for financial support, including core funding, in order to sustain or expand their activities. Information and one-step application forms are easily accessible and available at