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Supporting a feminist community radio in Mexico City

Thanks to, RSF was able to support CIMAC (Comunicación e Información de la Mujer), a Mexican civil society organisation funded by women journalists, in purchasing the necessary equipment they needed to start running adequately, mainly transmitter and antenna. It helped as well to provide the necessary professional and administrative support, personnel services and any other resources required for a successful implementation of the project and to ensure that administration capacity and internal control systems of project resources were adequate.

CIMAC (Comunicación e Información de la Mujer) is a Mexican civil society organisation funded by women journalists with whom RSF has been working. The organisation promotes gender equality and human rights among journalists, political actors, civil society and academia and aims in particular to build a journalism more sensitive to the question of gender and seeks to ensure that media respect the rights of women in their daily work.They decided to establish in 2017 a radio with other women CSOs, called Radio Violeta which is the first feminist community radio in Mexico City, promoting gender equality in a country typically dominated by men. The 106.1FM frequency was granted for 15 years. The radio tackles issues such as the youth and children, gender equality, gender violence, sexuality, health, relationships, art and culture. Yet, they had no funding to buy necessary equipment to run the radio and, in addition, they had been given six months to start functionnong otherwise the State would take away the frequency they were granted.