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Shelter Initiatives Programme | Call for concept notes by 5 April

Support for creating and consolidating local and regional Temporary Relocation Programmes for HRDs at risk.

The Shelter Initiatives programme, by, is calling for proposals to enhance local and regional Temporary Relocation Programs for HRDs at risk with an integral approach to protection, a gender perspective, and a focus on particularly targeted defenders.

Submit your application by 5 April 2023.

Entities can request up to 60,000 EUR to develop initiatives aimed at, at least, one of the following objectives:

– Implement a feasibility research on the establishment of a new TRP at local/regional level;

– Establish new TRPs at local/regional level;

– Amplify the scope of existing TRPs at local/regional level;

– Strengthen existing TRPs to guarantee a holistic approach to protection as well as a measurable gender perspective;

– Look for advice and expertise, networking opportunities, knowledge-sharing between initiatives.

The call for proposals is available here in five languages:

The application form/ concept note template is available for download here in five languages:


The “Shelter Initiatives” programme, by, contributes to enhancing and increasing the capacity of shelters and other initiatives for the temporary relocation of HRDs at risk at local and regional level. Its specific objectives are:

i) Providing direct material and financial support to new and emerging shelter programmes to develop and strengthen their capacity to deliver effective temporary relocation through a call for proposals; and

ii) providing advice and expertise and facilitating networking opportunities and knowledge-sharing between initiatives.