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🛑Stop criminalizing, harassing and targeting @Mozn and @NazraEgypt and all human rights defenders and their organizations in Egypt.
🚨No to the beginning of a new wave of ... harassing human rights defenders in #Egypt.
🗣️Defending #HumanRights is not a crime!

📢Did you know that, in the last month alone, we have supported more than 560 human rights defenders and organisations in the most difficult contexts?

That's been the case of a ... Russian #HRD at risk, who received urgent support for emergency relocation.


🇬🇹@ProtectHRD_EU strongly condemns the killings of Andrea González and Cecy Caricia Ixpatá, #trans rights #WHRDs in #Guatemala.

In our monthly bulletin, we denounce the ... lack of protection of #HumanRightsDefenders in the country.

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Resources for human rights defenders

In this section you will find a compilation of useful resources for defenders, such as manuals, guides, toolkits, and public materials produced by our extended network of partners and allied organisations defending HRDs.

If you are an organisation or ally and want to contribute to this catalog of resources, you can contact us here.